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ABA No Surname First Name Age Div ABA Div aba trad 3D div 3d trad with
46045 alexander john adult bhc bhc
42339 andrews donald adult bhc
34288 bell alvyn adult bhc bhc
14771 black lorraine adult bhc bhc
40644 chandler jason adult bhc bhc
23529 combridge trevor adult bhc bhc
31091 dowson james adult bhc bhc
30790 ellis john adult bhc bhc
53756 evans jordan cub bhc bhc
2954 gallagher wendy adult bhc bhc
35232 hitchen shannon adult bhc bhc
26224 hughes troy adult bhc bhc
53284 jacques jasmine cub bhc 51369
51370 jacques toby junior bhc bhc
153478 james kevin adult bhc bhc
5037 jarman david adult bhc
11344 judge peter adult bhc bhc
53556 keating abigail cub bhc bhc
18219 kelly barbera adult bhc bhc   47837
41393 kirlew hazel adult bhc  
47837 mclaren anthony cub bhc bhc   18219
51484 meadows zara junior bhc bhc
33064 raymond brett adult bhc bhc
44140 richards alex cub bhc bhc
47845 richards logan cub bhc bhc
35844 rowntree kameron adult bhc bhc
40427 spath alex adult bhc bhc
29190 stubbs ann adult bhc bhc
9879 taylor peter adult bhc bhc
42142 bogie joanne adult bhl bhl
35113 hall allan adult bhl bhl
32116 leyh stuart adult bhl bhl
54735 blake tahlia junior bhr bhr
26087 cornell thomas adult bhr bhr
49581 cumming liam junior bhr bhr
25724 dagge michael adult bhr bhr
51891 dwyer caitlin adult bhr bhr
32710 ellis scott cub bhr bhr
47099 gannon jeremy adult bhr bhr
48787 goorden wayne adult bhr
50314 goorden jenny adult bhr
42078 goualt alain adult bhr bhr
47501 greville sam junior bhr bhr
616 houghton stewart adult bhr bhr
13836 hunter pauline adult bhr
55286 jones melanie adult bhr yes bhr yes
participant jones douglas cub bhr bhr
10400 kelleher bruce adult bhr bhr
18220 kelly timothy adult bhr bhr   39613
39612 kelly clayton cub bhr bhr  
39613 kelly declan cub bhr bhr   18220
47428 layton jonathan adult bhr bhr
34064 lee christiarna adult bhr bhr
31024 lee david adult bhr bhr
41064 lobb hugo junior bhr bhr
50488 magner lloyd adult bhr bhr
45480 manners chris adult bhr yes bhr yes
28826 mcgregor andrew adult bhr bhr
201 moore gary adult bhr
50669 myers-rooke judith adult bhr yes bhr yes
40100 oldland barry adult bhr bhr
25971 postma andrew adult bhr bhr
27354 raggat wayne adult bhr
35843 rowntree craig adult bhr yes bhr yes
29189 stubbs peter adult bhr bhr
50057 sutcliffe bodie junior bhr bhr
41661 webster norman adult bhr bhr
29324 williams ron adult bhr yes
39778 allen lindy adult bhu bhu
53413 andrews kathryn adult bhu bhu
55482 attard rebecca adult bhu bhu
15593 boreham raymond adult bhu bhu
54323 boundy stacey adult bhu bhu 54322
41988 brookes james adult bhu bhu
8835 burrows mark adult bhu bhu
34175 bush peter adult bhu bhu
34176 bush peter adult bhu bhu
48148 cassar raymond adult bhu
32991 connolly karen adult bhu bhu
25820 courtney ian adult bhu bhu 50571
50319 courtney tiffany adult bhu bhu 50572
50571 courtney adinah junior bhu bhu 25820
51481 doak amanda adult bhu bhu
8996 dowd jeanette adult bhu bhu
53510 dunshea john adult bhu bhu
53511 dunshea kirsty adult bhu bhu
34936 erskine donald adult bhu bhu
53754 evans rachel adult bhu bhu
49331 everett rodney adult bhu bhu
49356 everett stuart adult bhu bhu
49395 everett jazmin junior bhu bhu
44936 fiebig peter adult bhu bhu
44937 fiebig thomas junior bhu bhu
27193 finn john adult bhu bhu
53187 goodwin luke adult bhu bhu
29278 harrison ivan adult bhu bhu
55624 haslem paul adult bhu bhu
55578 haslem kerri adult bhu bhu
35550 hester john adult bhu bhu
53553 keating paul adult bhu bhu
53555 keating braydon junior bhu bhu
52257 kimmin bronwyn adult bhu bhu
47864 mahoney john adult bhu bhu
49408 maloney loretta adult bhu bhu
22722 matlieski richard adult bhu bhu
42787 maxwell brett adult bhu bhu
52300 mcdonald jazmyn junior bhu bhu
53171 mcnamara callum adult bhu bhu
32829 mercer julie adult bhu
34435 o'brien wesley adult bhu bhu
44756 o'donoghue ian adult bhu bhu
42841 pellegrino ray adult bhu
45225 pickering cameron adult bhu bhu
50195 pickering tracy adult bhu bhu
43415 powell dylan junior bhu bhu
44122 power anthony adult bhu bhu
39617 risson darren adult bhu bhu
49059 scarlett graham adult bhu bhu
54503 sztbel mark adult bhu bhu
54881 thomas jake adult bhu bhu
54111 trace tyson junior bhu bhu
41663 webster callan junior bhu bhu
13470 wilkinson bradley adult bhu bhu
34417 wilkinson ethan adult bhu bhu
42389 williams stewart adult bhu bhu
42824 zander ewan adult bhu bhu
25270 barratt steve adult flc flc
8838 bell jeff adult flc flc
29147 moffat reade adult flc fsu
18250 orgill russell adult flc flc
34668 starke raylene adult flc flc
34667 starke richard adult flc flc
39947 langton zara adult flr flr
39948 langton talia junior flr flr
29408 atkinson tyler adult fsu
55355 attard jason adult fsu fsu
33444 bedford shaun adult fsu fsu
54322 boundy anthony adult fsu fsu 54323
40645 chandler kerry adult fsu fsu
41270 clements malcolm adult fsu fsu
41272 clements julia junior fsu fsu
50572 courtney keili cub fsu fsu 50319
33486 cross david adult fsu fsu
18492 cuthill alan adult fsu
52344 cuthill stacey adult fsu
53512 dunshea cormac cub fsu fsu
53755 evans rodney adult fsu fsu
46013 everett darren adult fsu fsu
49554 everett zakary cub fsu fsu
49954 everett bianca cub fsu fsu
49955 everett logan cub fsu fsu
35142 hand joseph adult fsu fsu
28494 hanemann glenn adult fsu fsu
51945 hanson troy adult fsu
145 harris lindsay adult fsu fsu
55413 heather katherine adult fsu fsu
48892 hort matt adult fsu fsu
24651 houghton dianne adult fsu fsu
13835 hunter mark adult fsu
25852 hutchinson barry adult fsu fsu
47535 huxtable bradley adult fsu fsu
47537 huxtable riley adult fsu fsu
51369 jacques carl adult fsu fsu 53284
53283 jacques regan cub fsu
54336 jones lachlan cub fsu fsu
35206 kerr justin adult fsu fsu
55678 king jennifer adult fsu fsu
39946 langton paul adult fsu fsu
36458 lawlor thomas adult fsu fsu
29529 lea steven adult fsu fsu
29530 lea david adult fsu fsu
54071 lowe shaylen cub fsu fsu
49508 lucas narelle adult fsu fsu
52301 mcdonald david adult fsu fsu
25596 mcguire cordell adult fsu fsu
43141 meadows giacomo adult fsu fsu
32827 mercer tim adult fsu
154351 mewburn noal adult fsu fsu
42624 moore leanne adult fsu fsu
47328 mufale sam junior fsu fsu
52345 munday tylah adult fsu
32349 old steven adult fsu fsu
42625 phillips daryl adult fsu fsu
40030 podubinski dan adult fsu fsu
42866 powell brad adult fsu fsu
43414 powell logan adult fsu fsu
46981 power karen adult fsu fsu
54030 rosati joshua adult fsu fsu
49510 scarlett nicholas junior fsu bhu
53487 seamer logan junior fsu fsu
50359 smith ken adult fsu
50360 smith charlie cub fsu
40623 stephan brad adult fsu fsu
49491 stewart jesse adult fsu fsu
49407 stone luke adult fsu fsu
49409 stone jasmine cub fsu fsu
54505 sztbel alexander cub fsu fsu
30174 targett reece adult fsu fsu
30810 targett michael adult fsu fsu
54113 trace nayte cub fsu fsu
41200 watherston russell adult fsu fsu
41664 webster thomas cub fsu fsu
42391 williams lewis cub fsu
12933 wilson graham adult fsu fsu
39725 fleming ross adult his yes his yes
11584 rogers peter adult his yes his yes
35119 blake geoffrey adult lbm lbm
54731 blake jonathan adult lbm lbm
54734 blake stephen adult lbm lbm
54732 blake benjamin junior lbm lbm
54140 carlile mark adult lbm lbm
51501 cumming brian adult lbm lbm
52080 drever brett adult lbm lbm
47745 dwyer darrin adult lbm lbm
12539 ellul peter adult lbm lbt
5062 heiman scott adult lbm yes lbm yes
35202 heiman jamie cub lbm lbm
52631 tweedale reece adult lbm
43925 warner wayne adult lbm
25091 williams paul adult lbm lbm
32524 yuile lindsay adult lbm lbm
20974 ciampa frank adult lbt yes
10721 morgan ray adult lbt lbt
42202 murray tammy adult lbt yes lbt yes
48977 murray adam adult lbt yes lbt yes
47844 richards brendan cub lbt lbt
10703 mchugh ray veteran vb vb
113790 pope victor veteran vb vb
35140 hand richard veteran vs
7349 kuskoff bill veteran vs
50321 latham vince veteran vs vs
25973 mccallum anthony veteran vs vs
17948 robertson bryce veteran vs vs
29116 thompson fenny veteran vs vs
15639 wellings randall veteran vs vs
47550 egan daniel adult lbm
55718 ferrier george adult fsu
33391 heiman katherine adult his yes
55575 hilder philip adult lbm yes
36022 hitchen pauline adult bhr
50667 jenkins jason adult fsu