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Final Competitor List

Competitor Number Name Division
117 Ormiston, Casey Cub Girls Barebow Compound
111 Woodborne, Kenya Cub Girls Freestyle Limited Compound
85 Tilbrook, Ella Cub Girls Freestyle UnLimited
11 Harris, Seth Junior Boys Bowhunter Compound
28 Lobb, Hugo Junior Boys Bowhunter Recurve
8 Fiebig, Thomas Junior Boys Bowhunter UnLimited
84 Tilbrook, Will Junior Boys Bowhunter UnLimited
150 Ford, Joshua Junior Boys Freestyle UnLimited
72 Scarlett, Nicholas Junior Boys Freestyle UnLimited
83 Tilbrook, Max Junior Boys Freestyle UnLimited
121 Little, Marnie Junior Girls Bowhunter Compound
120 Little, Bella Junior Girls Bowhunter UnLimited
2 Baverstock, Jo Ladies Bowhunter Compound
12 Harris, Tania Ladies Bowhunter Compound
66 McKay, Terrie Ladies Bowhunter Compound
80 Watt, Narelle Ladies Bowhunter Compound
74 Avard, Sindy Ladies Bowhunter Limited
97 Bogie, Joanne Ladies Bowhunter Limited
119 Christensen, Annette Ladies Bowhunter Recurve
78 Jones, Deborah Ladies Bowhunter Recurve
115 Ormiston, Donna Ladies Bowhunter UnLimited
82 Tilbrook, Amanda Ladies Bowhunter UnLimited
75 Morrissey, Julie Ladies Freestyle Limited Compound
30 Starke, Raylene Ladies Freestyle Limited Compound
56 Stevens, Annette Ladies Freestyle Limited Compound
109 Chandler, Kerry Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
45 Darby, Rebecca Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
104 Gale, Sherry Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
91 Moore, Leanne Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
123 Smedley, Karen R Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
128 Wegert, Sonja Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
14 Hickey, Tracy Ladies Longbow
151 Alexander, John Mens Barebow Compound
147 Bell, Alvyn W Mens Bowhunter Compound
108 Chandler, Jason Mens Bowhunter Compound
52 Judge, Peter Mens Bowhunter Compound
142 Raymond, Brett Mens Bowhunter Compound
112 Salmon, Wayne Mens Bowhunter Compound
53 Taylor, Brian Mens Bowhunter Compound
79 Watt, Peter Mens Bowhunter Compound
31 Starke, Richard Mens Bowhunter Limited
1 Baverstock, Gary Mens Bowhunter Recurve
46 Wondrock, Mouse Mens Bowhunter Recurve
55 Everett, Darren Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
146 Everett, Stuart Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
7 Fiebig, Peter Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
13 Hester, John Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
96 Huckett, Robin Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
118 Little, Andrew Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
65 McKay, Johnathon Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
114 Ormiston, Damien Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
81 Tilbrook, Ryan Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
110 Woodborne, Dion Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
76 Morrissey, David Mens Freestyle Limited Compound
77 Jones, Brendan Mens Freestyle UnLimited
16 Kerr, Justin Mens Freestyle UnLimited
57 Paddison, Brett Mens Freestyle UnLimited
92 Phillips, Daryl Mens Freestyle UnLimited
127 Renwick, Stuart Mens Freestyle UnLimited
144 Russell, Neil Mens Freestyle UnLimited
122 Smedley, Alastair C Mens Freestyle UnLimited
125 Stephan, Bradley Mens Freestyle UnLimited
48 Thompson, Jock Mens Freestyle UnLimited
113 Young, Steven Mens Freestyle UnLimited
47 Fleming, Ross Mens Historical Bow
32 Allen, Glenys Veteran Ladies Bowhunter Recurve
124 Wood, Joy Veteran Ladies Bowhunter Recurve
27 Hulbert, Marie Veteran Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
24 Thompson, Fenny Veteran Ladies Freestyle UnLimited
143 Preston, Shirley Veteran Ladies Longbow
68 Bell, Jeff Veteran Mens Barebow Compound
6 Dowson, James Veteran Mens Barebow Compound
158 Vittiglia, Robert Veteran Mens Bowhunter Recurve
4 Carey, Robert J Veteran Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
29 Jennings, Jeffrey Veteran Mens Bowhunter UnLimited
58 Roberts, Timothy Veteran Mens Freestyle UnLimited
26 Rowson, David Veteran Mens Freestyle UnLimited
126 Wellings, Randall J Veteran Mens Freestyle UnLimited
93 Woolley, Phillip Veteran Mens Freestyle UnLimited
145 Hearne, Peter Young Adult Mens Freestyle UnLimited

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