Information & Directions


  MSFA PRFAC2023  


The Championships are to be held at Mallee Sunset Field Archers, Redcliffs, Victoria during the period 8th June to 12th June 2023.

 Listed below is various information that should assist in you having a great time whilst at the competition.
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  • Camping is ample at the range; anybody wishing for offsite accommodation can obtain
    further information By Clicking here.

  • There are obviously other options and Google or you favorite search engine can help you

  • Definitely No DOGS allowed

Breakfasts, lunches and evening meals will be catered for.

  • Breakfast- bacon and egg muffins and hash browns

  • Lunches- sandwiches, chocolates and cold drinks available for purchase on the course's 

  • Dinner- Hamburgers, chicken burgers, fish and chips, nuggets, etc

  • Canteen will have hot and cold drinks, chocolates, etc

We have a large camping area with toilets and hot showers. No bookings required 


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 Timetable of Events

Muster each day at 8.00am for an 8.30am start

2023 PRFAC (10 Jun - 12 Jun)
IFAA National IFAA Championships

 Wednesday  07/06/23  Registration and bow checks from 2pm
 Thursday  08/06/23  28 Targets Field/Hunter
 Friday  09/06/23  28 Targets Hunter/Field (afternoon bow checks)
 Saturday  10/06/23  28 Targets Field/Hunter
 Sunday  11/06/23  28 Targets Hunter/Field
 Monday  12/06/23  28 Targets Animal followed by presentations


 Event Cost


  IFAA 2023 Pacific Region Field Archery Championships
2023 IFAA National Championships
3 Day Event  Young Adult/Adult/Veteran/Senior - $55.00  Junior/Cubs - $45.00  Family - $145.00
 5 Day Event  Young Adult/Adult/Veteran/Senior - $75.00  Junior/Cubs - $55.00  Family - $170.00

The PRFAC will be conducted over the period 10, 11 & 12 Jun

All archers can compete in the PRFAC as well as the National Championships,
to be the National Champion you must be a member of ABA.

For the National Championships, scores from the Field/Hunter and Animal will count,
if you shoot 5 days the highest Field and Hunter score will be used.

Nominations closing date is 4th June 2023

Last day for grading is 4th June 2023

All archers under the Archery Alliance of Australia are invited to attend.


 Competitor Lists


Competitor lists for the Championships will be available in due course. It is anticipated that the first list will be placed here around early May and each week after that until the nominations are closed on Monday 4th June 2023

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